Disdéri’s wife was born Geneviève Elisabeth Francart; the couple were married in 1843. It is normally believed that in 1852 Disdéri moved to Paris, leaving his wife to run the photographic business he had founded in Brest alone, presumably with the assistance of several employees or other family members, and that she continued to run her own atelier in Brest until the late 1860’s. At the same time, she was a silent partner in her husband’s Paris business. In 1872 she moved to the capital, setting up her own studio at 146, rue du Bac. It is possible that she was assisted there by her son, Jules, who had also become a photographer. According to listings in the trade directory Almanach-Bottin, Mme. Disdéri maintained this studio until her death in 1878, which took place in a public hospital in Paris.

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